Why I Chose Young Living

I’ve always been interested in alternative health options and have always searched for safer, less-toxic, more natural ways to care for myself. However, when my son was born that side of me went into overdrive. A friend of mine was using essential oils and she kept raving about them. I decided to attend a Young Living Essential Oil class with her. I listened, I sniffed – I was intrigued. The price held me back a bit so I didn’t buy that night. A few months passed and my son was the WORST SLEEPER EVER. I mean it! I run into moms all the time and they’re all like, “Oh my daughter was up for an hour last night!” or “My son got up twice last night!” and I’m all (eye rolls). Let me tell you – my son woke up every 45 minutes all. night. long!!!!!!! Every night! It was torturous and I’ll save the grave details of that living hell for another post.

So what does this have to do with oils? Well, my oily friend told me that I could borrow her oil kit and try diffusing some calming oils that might help my son get a restful night of sleep. I was willing to try anything short of crying it out and drugging him! So, I borrowed the diffuser and set it up in his room. I put in my friend’s recommendation of lavender and cedarwood and put my son to bed. Ok are you ready for this?! He slept 6 hours straight for the first time EVER!!!! He was probably 7 months old. The next morning I wanted to buy all the lavender and cedarwood on the face of the earth! Now let me be real with you, this result didn’t last forever, he eventually started waking up throughout the night again, but I have since learned that it had everything to do with nursing and that is another blog post of its own. But, the fact of the matter is – THEY WORK! Oils really do work.

Now you may be thinking, well great! I’d love to try essential oils (or maybe you already use some). But, you can’t just use any essential oil brand. If you are going to use oils as a part of your wellness toolbox you want them to WORK – right? While there are a few reputable essential oil companies with less expensive oils, Young Living oils truly are the most POTENT oils that exist – there is no comparison. If you don’t believe me you can do a breadth of action test for yourself. Use a Young Living oil for something, and then use the same oil made by another brand. Young Living will work faster and more effectively, and you will use less drops of Young Living oil to get the job done. So I would choose Young Living for this reason alone. However, there are so many other reasons why this is the best company for me and my family.Why+Young+Living

Not only do I want the oils to work, I want them to be pure and safe for me and my family. Young Living has something called the Seed to Seal promise. There are 3 elements to this promise:


First off, Young Living carefully chooses the seeds they use so that their crops yield the most potent and highest quality oils. Many oil companies source their oils from the most inexpensive farms they can find. Or they may have quality in mind but they have to trust that the farms they use follow the right protocols for creating the best oils. Young Living is the only company that owns their farms. They also have partner farms that they work with so that some of the oils can be grown in their indigenous environments for maximum potency. Anyone can visit a Young Living farm and see their process for themselves. I don’t know another company that does that. They are transparent because they know they are doing things the right way.


Young Living essential oils, products, and ingredients must pass very strict, quality benchmarks. They use advanced testing processes not only in house but with two independent, and accredited labs that employ certified chemical analysts. Also, Young Living has banned the use of 20 potentially harmful or harsh additives that you may find in many of the products you currently use. This makes me feel good about not only using their essential oils, but about using all their products.


I know you might be tempted to try essential oils by picking up a bottle or two at your local store, but don’t do it. Inexpensive essential oils are often synthetic, adulterated, or unethically sourced, even if it says 100% Pure on the bottle. “Pure” is not a regulated term, so anyone can slap that on a bottle of whatever and sell it to you with nothing to back it up. However, if a batch of Young Living oil doesn’t meet their stringent standards it is not used! They won’t sell it to you!

“This can’t be that bad. The company looks legit, the label says 100% Pure essential oil, I could save so much money if I bought this.”

The Seed to Seal promise won me over when I considered buying oils elsewhere. I’m not going to lie I was walking through my local health food store and saw Frankincense oil for like $12…I picked that bottle up and for a minute I thought, “This can’t be that bad. The company looks legit, the label says 100% Pure essential oil, I could save so much money if I bought this.” But then I reminded myself that this oil might have been chemically distilled, or it may not actually be “pure” because that means nothing, and most of all even if it is pure, it is never going to work the way Young Living oils work because they are the most potent oils. And I want it to work.

Not only are these the best oils you can find, but Young Living has the most blends (or synergies) than any other oil company. Blends take the guess work out of understanding oils. Young Living creates amazing blends that I would never be able to concoct on my own. In fact, I use their blends more than I use their straight oils. They even have a line of oil blends that are pre-diluted and create just for kids and their needs. The Kidscents line is such a life saver for me, we use the Sleepyize blend every, single night.

Kids+Collection (1)

Once I bought my Premium Starter kit and really began using my oils I found that I was running out and needed more, and then I wanted to start trying their supplements and cleaning supplies and it just snowballed from there. So I decided to sign up for the Essential Rewards program. Best. Decision. Ever. This is a monthly wellness box that I get each month. It costs me $50 per month and I know it sounds like a lot, but I actually SAVE money by doing this. I buy most of my cleaning, beauty, & personal care products for my entire family. My order gets shipped right to my door AND I get to select what I want each month. Many subscription boxes don’t let you do that! I save money because their cleaning products (which BTW smell divine) are super concentrated so they last forever and that saves me a ton of money. Not to mention, I don’t have to run to the store to buy any of this stuff anymore. I can spend all my Target time browsing the shoes, clothes and home goods aisles instead! I also earn 20% back each month in product credit and they send me free loyalty gifts just for being a customer.

Last but not least, Young Living is not JUST OILS it’s a community! My tribe of Young Living people are amazingly supportive and we all help educate one another on the products and share ways to use our oils. I thought about going with other companies before choosing Young Living, but I did my research and finally decided Young Living was my best option, and it is the best decision I ever made for myself and for my family.

If you want to join my tribe you can order your Premium Starter Kit today – be sure to choose the member option! I can’t wait to welcome you to the oily family. Cheers!


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